Semiotics and White Fragility | Gucci Handshake

Semiotics and White Fragility | Gucci Handshake

Let's talk about Semiotics and White Fragility.

We'll again be using Gucci as an example. Semiotics is the study of signs. While this video is just the tip of the iceberg, I take some time to explain the difference in Connotations and Denotations. Emotional or cultural meaning vs. literal meaning.

To understand how the media can use this information to push specific ideas at us, it starts by examining how others might see things. If we can all take a second to think of different connotations then we'll be better equipped to understand someone's perspective.

The one sign I had time to decode in this video can be associated with White Fragility. Something that the media perpetuates constantly. Watch this video about Get Out and White Fragility to learn more. -

If you're really committed, buy the book White Fragility to learn more as well. -

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