Understanding White Privilege Pt. 2 | Society Level Privilege

Understanding White Privilege Pt. 2 | Society Level Privilege

This is part two of a four-part miniseries about understanding privilege. The goal of these videos is to use simple examples to jump-start an understanding of how privilege works, who it applies to, and what you can do to help even the playing field moving forward.

In this video, I dive into different types of privilege that are very prevalent in our society today. This includes male and female privilege, race privilege, able-bodied privilege, and class privilege. I end the video with examples of my own privilege from where I grew up and how I use my voice to help people that look like me but may not sound like me.

This is written and spoken from my perspective towards my reality. The majority of my friends are white and are from NYS so the references I refer to are in regard to those truths, but the idea can and should be applied to anywhere and anyone.


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